Why collaborate with a specialised broker?

Our role as an insurance broker is to liaise between our clients and insurance companies to set up tailor-made solutions dedicated to protecting collections.

After meeting with you, we analyse your needs and develop a specific call to tender that we submit to specialized companies. Upon receipt, we examine the offers, negotiate with the companies and offer you a range of solutions suited to your needs.

Our remuneration is a commission set contractually by the chosen company and does not lead to any variation in your premium.

Our role is to assist you, advise you, handle your insurance policies, and defend your interests in the event of a claim.

The secret of values in the secret of insurance



Our employees are particularly sensitive to matters of discretion. They are bound by confidentiality clauses and are used to particular requests.
Our company has implemented extremely strict compliance processes.

Reactivity and efficiency

We are committed to handle your requests within 24 hours and to offer you clear and effective solutions.

Tailor-made solutions

Because each case, each collection and each person is unique, our aim is to provide customized solutions.
We take care of everything, as from discovering your collection to implementing a specific cover.

A different service

Follow up on your inventories, adjustment of your insurance policies through the year, anticipation of your needs, assistance in the event of an incident, quote analysis, competitive intelligence on the market and availability of our network of partner experts are just a few of the services that we offer.